Physical Education and training:

Improved physical health, academics and social interactions directly contribute to good mental health. Adequate exercises , team games and individual games ensures enthusiasm, energy ,concentration and confidence through the discipline of physical education.

Karate :

Ken I kan institute of karate gives the students the opportunity for learning martial art from an early stage. This motivational art form of Karate improves the self confidence, self defence , focus and physical finess of a student. It also provides opportunities for the students to perform in the various national and international tournaments

Yoga & Aerobics:

The ancient practice of yoga offers a multitude of benefits to modern-day students at almost every grade level. It increases their strength in physical, psychological , social and emotional skills to improve their overall performances through a positive and disciplined life style.


Being one of the simplest and most efficient means of communicating visual ideas, students are taught to enhance the drawing skills in them. The skill nurtures the young artists to improve this tool of creative exploration that informs visual discovery. It fundamentally enables the visualisation and development of perceptions and ideas.

Western Dance:

Dance is the most immediate and accessible of the arts because it involves co-ordination of rhythmic movement of oneself. Western dance provides opportunities for the students for performing competitions and events.


The significance of Bharatanatyam has played a vital role in upholding the tradition and culure of the state. It emphasis on Nritta - pure dance form, Nritya - facial expressions and Natya - dramatic form equally. Bharatanatyam taught in Vazhuvoor style is a vibrant synthesis of natya and abhinaya. This art has its traditional values based on learning the art directly from the Guru. Guru Smt.Vazhuvoor Kala Senthilnathan is an eminent dance scholar and daughter of Sri Vazhuvoor R. Samraj. To uphold the tradition of Vazhuvoor Parampara Smt. Vazhuvoor Kala Senthilnathan teaches the essence of the graceful art form to our students.

Active participation of students in event management , cultural and sport events builds high self esteem and confidence in them. Values like team spirit, sharing, spirit of cooperation, patience, courtesy etc are imparted through their active engagement. National and religious festivals are celebrated to foster a feeling love and respect the tradition and culture of the society and the nation